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Attribution Theory: Causes And Patterns Of Crime (Essay Sample)


Assess attribution theory within the organization and describe how you have applied attribution theory in the workplace. Please provide 1-2 examples to support your viewpoints.


Attribution Theory
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Causes and Patterns of Crime
Over the years, a lot of emphasis has been towards achieving a crime and violence free learning institutions and working environment by organizations across nations. This has led to significant reduction of crimes against learners, employees and the society at large. However, while others drastically reduce others raise in numbers. This essay tackles various causes of crimes and violence in learning and work stations within University of the West Indies Jamaica (Kelley, 1967).
The institution has witnessed a decline in the rates of crimes for the past few years. These cases range from simple assault, robbery, sexual assault to violent and related crimes across society. Nevertheless, as low rates are experienced there still remain some cases which have kept rising in incidents involved in hate crimes and gang violence. Various factors have been attributed to the increased rates of violence cases from gangs and hate related crimes (Andreopoulos, Barberet & Levine, 2011).
According to Weiner (1985) the economic status is a significant contributing factor whereby violence rates in learning institutions may be different. Moreover, the poor versus the well off learners related crimes are largely depended on their homes and parental backgrounds. Those from poor and low income backgrounds pose economic challenges which lead to the formation of illegal gangs in the name of meeting basic necessities (Andreopoulos, Barberet & Levine, 2011). Moreover, high unemployment rates to the youth increases crime rates simultaneously. Hate crimes on the other hand can be viewed from the perspective of the broader topic of racial conflict and violence. This is influenced by immigration which entails mixture of different cultural and racial practices hence creating conflicts between two or more racial groups including the residents and non residents’ students (Kelley, 1967).
Andreopoulos, G., Barberet, R. & Levin...
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