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Geology of Rhode Island (Essay Sample)

Write an essay about the geology of rhode-island. Please make sure you discuss the rocks in rhode island and also the state minral rock. I will like to see a rough draft if possible. Please state where your sources are from. source..
Running head: GEOLOGY
Geographical features of Rhode-Island
Geology of Rhode Island is an ancient island at Avalonia region in North America. It the smallest state in the USA; it was once occupied by Algonquian and Narragansett speaking people. In the year 1636, European community settled in the place especially at Providence in Rhode Island. Providence was first identified by Roger Williams led many people who seek many religious freedom in Rhode Island. It was on 29th May, 1790, the state of Rhode Island and Providence manages to become the 13th state. The economy of Rhode Island The place developed mainly from shipping, trade, fishing and farming. In 19th century, textile industry arrives. Jewelry, machinery and silverware were manufactured after post world war.
Service industry an education contributed for growth in Rhode Island. Also, the island attracted a lot of wealth because of its scenic site. For example, Newport’s mansion in the island attracted tourism because r of its history significance. Those who are in vacation normally enjoy themselves in Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay beaches.
Rhode- Island is covered with gravel and sandy soils. Several parts of Rhode of Island consist of: woodland; hills in the west and north; and lowlands cover the regions of the south. The region can be divided into two parts; the eastern New England which is upland in northwest while coastal lowland that covers east and south.
Eastern New England Upland is one-third of northwestern region of Rhode Island; the place is filled with high elevations and rolling hills. This land elevates from 200 feet above the normal sea level in eastern part to 800 feet above sea level in northwestern section of the place. For example, Jerimoth Hill is the highest point of Rhode Island in northwest part of the region. Several ponds and small lakes situate in hills of Eastern New England Upland.
Coastal Lowland is larger area which covers bigger part of New England region. The lowland consists of more than half of Island of Narragansett Bay. West of Point Judith is covered with lagoons, sandy beaches and salt ponds. The landscape in Narragansett Bay is low and made up of slopes covered by few trees. Rhode Island is more forested and rugged in west of Narragansett Bay.
Rocks in Rhode –Island
Rhode-Island develops as it was freed from heavy load of glacial ice; it emerged out of resistance rock that cannot be eroded by soil erosion. The great ice had great impact on land underneath; such glaciers enable northern hills to be gentler and carved out rock bowls that formed reservoirs like Beach pond, Stafford pond and Wallum Lake. Glaciers contribute for erosion; craving out the resistant rock that formed beaches and even hills. Melting of ice from outer edge of such rocks contributed for debris of terminal moraine and deposits of boulders. When glacier melts away, rivers are cr...
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