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Psychology: Short Answer Essay (Essay Sample)

Part 2 Short Answer Essay Please answer all parts of the question. If you quote directly from the textbook place this material in quotations marks and cite the page number. Just use your Myers' text—no other references. Note that some questions are worth more points that others. 1. What is evolutionary psychology? Give an example of a problem studied by evolutionary psychologists, and explain how the evolutionary perspective addresses or interprets this. How might this problem be explained from another perspective? (2 points) 2. How does experience affect brain development? (State some of the research and why this is important.) (1 point) 3. What is the difference between an individualistic and a collectivist culture? How does child rearing differ in an individualistic and a collectivist culture? (1 point) 4. How should we raise our children? Reflect parenting styles and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which style (or combination of styles) would you prefer? (1 point) source..

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(04 October 2010)
Evolutionary Psychology
Evolutionary psychology is among the biologically informed approach to the study of the behaviors of human. Evolutionary psychologists propose that many of human`s behavior can be explained by the appeal to internal psychological mechanisms. It explains that adaptations are relevant internal mechanisms as is the natural selection product that really helped ancestors get around the survival, the world and reproduce (Buss, 1999).
An example of evolutionary psychology is the survival. The hunting hypothesis explains the coming up of the human coalitions as the psychological mechanism. With men being providers for their families, their lives relayed on wild game hunting, there existed a risk on going out on such an arduous task alone. If they could, they risked not to not to catch anything at all. Also meat collected could spoil if a large animal is collected and could not be able to finish it own their own. As a result they hunted in groups; this resulted to current groups (Buss, 1999).
Another way of explaining emergence of groups is based on when people lived in communities as extended families they were helping each other as a family, currently people do not live in these extended families hence forming groups for survival.
Experience affects brain development by determining the synapses to be retained in the process of synapses. Useful synapses are kept whilst these considered surplus are eliminated. Experience affects language a child learns.
Individualism is a culture in which ties among individuals are loose as everyone looks after himself while collectivism is a culture where people from birth onwards are incorporated cohesive groups that are strong. Children reared in individualistic culture tend to be egocentric and give more emphasize on individual goals. Whilst children reared in collectivism culture put more emphasize in groups and always think in terms of "us".
Authoritarian style makes children struggle to keep up parents rules and often leads them to absence of child-parent affection bond, trouble being independent, d...
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