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The Alienated American Voter: Are the News Media to Blame? (Essay Sample)

The essay needs to be cited from the article I will attach. I do not need a cite page. Please make sure the cites match the article, the last two papers I ordered I had a difficult time finding where in the articles the cites came from. Richard Harwood investigates whether or not American voters feel as though they have become alienated from the political system and why in the context of 1996 America. In a well written essay of two pages explore the following: 1. According to Harwood, why does the American voter feel alienated. 2.How is this alienation measured? What are the symptoms? 3. What is to blame? 4.Do you think things have changed since 1996 and why? source..
The Alienated American Voter The Alienated American Voter: Are the News Media to Blame? Student’s Name Institution’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Abstract The American voter has alienated himself from politics and the voters turn out is decreasing with every election. Millions of dollars were spent on the electoral campaigns in 1992 and 1996 yet the voters turn out was not even 20%. What has caused the American voter to feel so alienated towards politics? In light of Harwood’s views the reasons, symptoms and measure of this alienation are explored. Further more what role the media has played in aggravating this alienation and what other factors have played their respective roles, is discussed. The Alienated American Voter: Are the News Media to Blame? The American voter feels alienated because he does not understand what is going on and Richard Harwood (1996) suggests that this is so because the newspapers fail to speak his language. He is more like Lippmann’s back row deaf spectator who though, has a vague sense of being attached to a system, but does not actually understand the working of that system. The fact which is clear enough for the average man and woman is that political power is as unevenly distributed as wealth in our democracy and this further alienates them from politics. This alienation can easily be measured by observing the num...
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