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Transnational Advocacy Network - The Free Gaza Movement (Essay Sample)

Analysis of movement frames or "cyberactivism". Choose a transnational advocacy network, transnational feminist network, international NGO, or militant transnational network. Describe how it presents itself and the issues, with some commentary on frame resonance. Describe one or two of its campaigns, and analyze its relationship to globalization and to the project of an alternative global democracy. Comment on the quality and efficacy of its website and its on-line campaigns. source..
Transnational Advocacy Network- The Free Gaza Movement
Cyber activism is the use of the electronic communication technologies like the World Wide Web, emails and the podcasts for different forms of activism so as to enable faster communications by individual movements and the delivery of data and information to a large number of people. It is also known as internet activism or online organizing/electronic advocacy (Keck, 1998).
Cyber activism is also referred to as the political activism on the network of networks (internet) by the editors and it has residual implications for the power dynamic. Cyberactivism usually encompasses a variety of practices from organization of movements via email to hacking. New technologies on the internet have now become agents of social changes through Cyberactivism. Online activism has raised new queries about social changes and political organization. Each day, new forms of activism have been developed by different organizations on the internet (Keck, 1998).
Transnational advocacy networks are the working together on international issues which are bound together by the common discourse, shared values and dense exchanges of information and services. Information is a very essential tool of advocacy network and to one of its principal activities. In light of a very strong connection between transnational advocacy networks and information, analysts have always argued that information revolution is crucial factor in their recent rise and their influence. The transnational advocacy networks on the other hand don’t credit information and communication technology with causal roles in network growth and activism. Advocacy networks which span political boundaries have become more influential in making of the international policies and practice. Sometimes, these transnational networks are effective but sometime, they are not effective.
These transnational advocacy networks have ready access to all kinds of ICTS and they use them extensively in their campaigns and therefore, the trust which is built on personal contacts is the key reason the most committed activists do their work. Once the trust is established, then what follow is often the face-to-face meetings. The networks will often sustain themselves through modern communication technologies and through email
Advocacy by an advocacy group or an individual will normally aim at influencing the resource allocations and public-policy decisions within the economic, political and social institutions and systems. Advocacy may be motivated from the ethical, moral or faith principles or simply so as to protect assets of interest. Advocacy will always include many events and activities which an individual or firm undertakes including public speaking, commissioning, media campaigns and publishing research. Lobbying is also a form of advocacy whereby a direct approach is normally made to the legislators on issues which play significant roles in modern politics.
The advocates and the advocacy groups always represent various categories and support a variety of issues. The Advocacy Institute which is a United States Global organization is usually dedicated towards strengthening the capacity of the economic, political and social justice advocates so as to influence and change the public policy.
The globalization phenomena have drawn a special attention to advocacy beyond the country’s borders. The main reason for the existence of networks like the Advocacy Institute and World Advocacy clearly demonstrates the increasing importance of the international advocacy and transnational advocacy. Transnational advocacy networks are more usually likely to appear around issues where the external influence is essential to ease communication between the government and its internal groups. Some groups of advocates who are willing to further their mi...
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