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Characteristics and Environments of a Human Service Organization Paper (Essay Sample)

- Write a 1,050- to 1,500-word paper about a human service organization that you have selected, in which you are interested, or of which you are aware. The organization must be a national, state, or local program. - Address the following questions in your paper: o What are the organization's vision and mission? o How is the organization governed and staffed? o What are some of its key stakeholders, those that have influence on an organization? How do these stakeholders influence the organization? o What community collaborations and marketing and public relations strategies does the organization employ? Why are these collaborations important to the organization and the community? o How does the organization demonstrate the valuing of diversity? o What environmental trends – political, economic, social, and technological – are they facing? How well is the agency managing these trends and forces? - Format the paper according to APA guidelines. source..
CHARACTERISTICS AND ENVIRONMENTS OF A HUMAN SERVICE ORGANIZATION Name:             Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (2 July, 2011) Characteristics and Environments of a Human Service Organization Human Service Administration Organization has provided specialized as well as enhanced service coordination to children and adults for a long time. The main objective is providing both individuals as well as families with services they need to improve life quality. Families and consumers have been greatly involved in being their system drivers. The organization has been trying in all aspects to ensure that all services required by consumers and families are accessible. The organization values and respect opinions as well as strengths of their customers along with their families. It offers them immediate help in the process of navigating multiple systems. There main objective is the provision of a seamless transition from services to other services. It achieves this by empowering people through personalized along with service coordination. For years, the organization has been striving to provide their customers along with their families’ hope that their lives will be better at one point (, 2011). The organization’s mission is to impart on individuals along with families’ with the capacity to live and work productively. The organization is greatly committed to the maximization of opportunities for people of all ages whom in one way or the other have experienced acute emotional crisis, long-term illness as well as developmental disabilities. Its vision entails recognition of a quality based organization seeking broad input in making decisions which are responsible and accountable that can be demonstrated at all levels. The organization’s shared vision is the provision of leadership and expertise with the aim of ensuring that the organization’s clients are all met by the least restrictive along with most appropriate resources that are available. In the process of providing psychological, rehabilitative, medical and educative services to the greater community; the organization has been attentive to the excellence of the organization and vigilant in seeking new and efficient service delivery chances by the use of diversified sources of funding. Company Governance and Staffing Human Service Administration Organization has a decentralized type of governance as it has several challenges to meet that are as a result of ever changing customer and family needs. It has two operating groups known as service delivery as well as corporat...
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