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Exploring various meanings Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


In this assignment, you will continue to think about your own personal view toward nature. 200-250 words. In order to generate a SafeAssign score, please submit your assignment as a Word document file (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf). You may also use the "write submission" tab. Failure to do so will result in an automatic 5-point deduction from your total grade.
This lesson was devoted to exploring various meanings toward nature and landscapes based on subcultures in American society. We explored a few of these subcultures and attempted to understand their values toward nature and landscapes, which differed from mainstream American society's values. What subcultures do you live within that influence your cultural values? How easy or difficult is it to recognize other people's subculture values and how they translate into their relationship with nature?


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With the current trends nowadays, I consider myself to belong in the Internet Subculture. This subculture involves any activities online which includes gaming, and the extensive use of social media. With the advancement of technology, one can easily relate to this subculture. I identify myself with this subculture which influences my point of view towards my culture. I share a lot of commonalities with a variety of people. Belonging in this subculture is a means of connecting to other people as well despite the difference in our main culture

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