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Castells and Beck's Analyses (Essay Sample)


“According to Castells contemporary society needs to be understood as a society that is no longer unified by a national identity but has become a society with a diverse set of more or less localized identities. Spell out his position by focusing on his analysis of nation-identity and the decline of the power of the nation state as well as one of the other examples of local identity discussed in class, i.e. either, religious fundamentalism, African-American identity or the American Women's Movement. On the other hand, for Beck in Cosmopolitan Vision the localized identities are being supplemented by the emergence of a cosmopolitan identity. Briefly spell out Beck's analysis of cosmopolitanism. What do you think of these two analyses?”
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Castells and Beck's Analyses
Institutional Affiliation;
According to Nicos Poulantzas, the only specificity about a capitalist state is in its absorption of social space including the monopolies that define the element of time and space that turns out to be a state's action, network or domination and power (Martell, 2008). This according to the author remains the aspect in which a modern nation becomes the product of a state.
However, the national identity has seen a decline in power within the national state as a result of an increase in global flows of goods, services, capital, information, and technology. This paper, therefore, seeks to determine and analyze the factors behind the decline of power within a national state. Additionally, the paper will also draw its attention on the dynamics of cosmopolitanism as described by Becky.
Castells view on National-Identity
The institutionalization of a state's identity remains a very significant element in determining the oblique outcomes of the elements making up a state and the society. In essence, all the identities may not be in a position to unearth shelter within the institution of the regional and local governments (Martell, 2008). However, the most essential elements in the differentiation of territories of a state is ensuring that the universality and equality of a state are segregated.
The author defines a nation as a cultural commune that is constructed in the perception of individual's minds and their memory through a process that entails sharing of political projects and history. In realism, the capacity of history that needs to be shared collectively to become a nation differs within the periods and context and remains a function that predisposes the development of a commune (Martell, 2008). In line with this, the factors that strengthen the identity of a national in the chronological period may tentatively differ since they predispose the sharing of history over a period. However, the aspect of a commune's language particularly a fully functional mode of communication remains an essential aspect of a nation's recognition. In addition to this, it also determines the organization of an imperceptible nationalized boundary that is less arbitrated as compared to territoriality and that is also less exclusive than ethnicity.
On the other hand, the element of equality within a state remains an element that defines a national identity. This can be seen in the revolution that was led by the American Women's Movement of 1960. This movement advocated for equality within the society. During this period, American women were limited in every aspect of their lives (Martell, 2008). As women, they were expected only to follow a single path of being married as early as 20 and to start a family and only remain devoted to raising the family.
Women, therefore, faced a lot of challenges, a factor that transcended in the decline of the power of a state to some extent. The successes of the movement were primarily achieved by the convergence of societal and economic changes that were realized after the World War 2 (Martell, 2008). When the economy America boomed, there was an impact on the available workplace; a factor that made is easy for women do dominate the work environment.
The Decline of Power in the National States
According to the author, the aptitude of the state in many occasions was destabilized by several factors that resulted in the decline of power. These factors include;
1. The Transitional Core of National Economies;
According to the author of this material, the independence of the financial market that impacts the currencies globally that operate as a unit within time and links all the other currencies remains one of the main challenges that have resulted in the decline of power of a nation's identity...
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