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The Great Depression (Research Paper Sample)


For this assignment, you will write a 6-8 page research paper examining a specific topic of contemporary history and formulating your own opinion on it. Your paper must contain an introduction and conclusion as well as evidence of critical thinking. Your paper topic must be approved by your instructor. Make sure your topics are specific as possible and within the scope of this course.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to: The Great Depression, The Russian Revolution, World War 2, Internment Camps, Fascism and Nazism, The Cold War, Industrialization, Music in the 20th Century, The Chinese Revolutions, Imperialism, Communism, Civil Rights Movement, World War I, The Spanish Civil War, Technological Revolution...
In the paper you must utilize research to:
Provide a description of your topic, applying historical terms correctly.
Describe the political, cultural, social, and historical context of your topic.
Describe the factors that resulted in the main formative events of the twentieth century as it relates to your topic.
Identify key characters, trends, movements, events, and associated policies in regarding your topic.
Discuss how the culture(s) affected by your topic acted. Analyze why members of the particular culture(s) behaved as they did.
Discuss at least two conflicting interpretations (from research) of the topic. Evaluate the validity of each interpretation, and formulate your own opinion about the topic with justifications.
You must cite at least four credible sources in your paper from a variety of different types of sources using MLA or APA formatting.
Full in-text citations must be provided, and all sources must be listed on a separate reference page


The Great Depression
The Great Depression
The great depression is one of the huge financial tragedies that significantly affected Americans; millions of people were forced out of work. During 1930 up to 1940 America experienced a period of extreme economic instability lasting for several years marking the beginning of government involvement in the country economy (Wecter, 1952). This essay will discuss the events that led to the Great Depression, analyzing the political, cultural, social, and its historical context. This essay illustrates some of the factors that resulted in the main formative events identifying some of the key characteristics, the trends, events, and policies associated with the great depression. Background of the Great Depression
The great depression affected America and other nations for several years. In October 1929 commonly referred to as Black Tuesday, the stock market crashed, and the effects of this crash were felt all over the country. This was the beginning of the great depression. American believed that one way of fighting poverty was to invest in the stock market. Prior to the market crash, stock prices had increased, and bulk market existed. With time, the stock market started fluctuating as analyst hopes the market would stabilize by itself. However, the stock markets prices crashed in a way that it could not rise again. This situation caused panic as the stock market had be viewed for long as the path to wealth was putting people to bankruptcy. People were losing their jobs, banks, businesses whether small or big were all closing, and the whole country seemed to be out of work (Wecter, 1952).
The Impacts of Great Depression
During this period Herbert Hoover was the president of the US, he fueled false hope as he always talked about optimism despite the annual per-capita income being $750 (Wicker, 1996). More than half of all Americans were living below a minimum subsistence level. As a result, citizens blamed President Herbert Hoover for human suffering. Unemployment increased since industries could not take employees anymore. According to research three-quarters of the labor force in all the industrialized countries could not work anymore during that time. These countries only recovered by the end of that decade. Cultural Impact
To survive the great depression, the Americans were forced to change their habits, resulting to a mass migration that occurred in 1930 (Wicker, 1996). The migration trends from rural areas to urban centers stressed the living capacity in many cities. Due to migration families’ cultural setting were changed. Families disintegrated as family bonds were broken due to migration. Another cultural effect of the great depression was the decrease in birth rates. Most families opted not to add more children as marriage rates also decrease. People put on hold matrimonial issues until better times. The worst effect of this economic hardship was the rise of antisocial behaviors like crime, theft prostitution as people had to survive (Wicker, 1996). Social Impact
Due to economic depression many people lost their jobs and could not afford the necessities like food, shelter among others. Women worked harder to ensure their families survived as men who lost their jobs felt ashamed and hopeless. Women and children worked as men felt their status was being challenged. Women were accused of taking over the roles of men in society. The state of the economy in America deteriorated and socio-economic problems arose one after another. Unemployment resulted in poverty as people lived in deteriorating conditions, families lacked cohesiveness as children dropped out of school. Furthermore, most citizens were homeless due to abject poverty; those who migrated to big cities in search of employment were homeless and built ...
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