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Community Assessment (Essay Sample)


Please use attached rubric. You all have the book. Ends wwith a summary. I live in Chattanooga TN
You can make up the survey
In this week's media presentations, Ms. Marren and Dr. Fernando Guerra discussed the importance of community assessment when determining the needs of the community and health promotion or intervention programs. In addition, Dr. Sattler examined the influence of the environment on the health of a community, along with occupational health concerns.
Community assessment is one of the three core functions of public health nursing and is the process of thinking critically about the community. It involves a logical, systematic approach to identify a community's needs, problems (including environmental and occupational problems), and strengths and resources. Assessment of the health of a community can begin with a simple windshield assessment: a drive through the community noting strengths and problems. Community assessment also includes data gathering through examining vital statistics, and the demographics of the community.
To prepare for this Application, review the media presentations for this week and Chapter 18 in the textbook on community assessment. In addition, use Table 18–5 on page 420 in the course textbook to guide your windshield assessment. Incorporate your windshield assessment with your Application.
Conduct an assessment of the community in which you live, including a windshield assessment. Then, write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following:
Vital statistics
Environmental issues
Occupational health hazards
Vulnerable populations
Resources available in the community
Other pertinent information about the community
(Incorporate information from the windshield assessment into the paper.)

Community Assessment: Chattanooga, TN
Course title:
Community Assessment: Chattanooga, TN
Community assessment is an important function and a key public health service. It is an integral part of population-based nursing curricula. Community assessment is very essential since it informs public health work; that is, decisions regarding what to do, how and where to do it. In this paper, an assessment of the community in which I live is provided, including a windshield assessment. The community where I reside is Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Demographics and vital statistics: in Tennessee State, Chattanooga is the 4th most densely populated city. According to the census of the year 2010, Chattanooga had a population of 167,675, and this figure increased to about 173,360 in the year 2013 (United States Census Bureau, 2015). This city is situated in the southeast section of Tennessee along the Tennessee River. The female population comprises 52.4% of the population while males comprise 47.6%. For Chattanooga residents, the median age is 36.3 years (United States Census Bureau, 2015). The following table shows vital statistics and demographics of this city.
Demographics and vital statistics for Chattanooga, TN (United States Census Bureau, 2015)
Quick factChattanoogaState of Tennessee Population (2013)173,3606,497,271Females (2010)52.4 percent51.3 percentMale/Female ratio 0.9:10.9:1Persons below the age of 56.4 percent6.4 percentPersons aged below 18 20.8 percent23.6 percentPersons aged at least 6514.7 percent13.4 percentWhites 58.0 percent77.6 percentBlacks34.9 percent16.7 percentAsian Americans2.0 percent1.4 percentHispanics5.5 percent4.6 percentTwo or more races1.9 percent1.7 percentAt least high school graduate 83.9 percent84.4 percentRate of homeownership 53.6 percent67.8 percentHousing units79,6082,812,134Veterans12,331484,902Language besides English spoke at home7.2 percent6.6 percentMedian household income $38,065$44,299People who live below the poverty line23.9 percent17.6 percentTotal number of companies17,466545,349Women-owned companies23.4 percent25.9 percentRetail sales4,055,95577,548,292Retail sales per capita $23,869$12,564Speak Spanish4 percent4 percentSpeak English92 percent93 percentMarried 49 percent 58 percentPopulation density (sq mi)1,182158
Environmental issues: a big issue that faces the leaders of Chattanooga City is certainly the management of environmental threats to Chattanooga’s air, water, and land quality. There are progressively more polluted waters by nonpoint sources such as pesticides and fertilizers from residential are...
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