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Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination (Essay Sample)


Question 1: Which of the five core social motives (belonging, understanding, controlling, enhancing self, trusting others) do you think best explains the negative consequences of associating blacks with crime and animals in the criminal justice system as discussed in Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt's talk?
Question 2: In her talk, Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt first discussed the lay view of racism – that, generally, people believe that race is absent, that racism is a thing of the past and no longer a problem, and that blacks are treated fairly and have equal opportunities. Then, she presented a series of convincing studies demonstrating that racism is alive and kicking within the criminal justice system. Given this context, what are your reactions to Dr. Eberhardt's talk?
Question 3: Although prejudice is often narrowly defined in terms of negative attitudes toward people based on group membership, the definition applies much more broadly and includes liking “us” more than disliking “them” – in other words, favoring the in-group. Thus, much of discrimination occurs by neglect (depriving the outgroup), rather than deliberate derogation of the outgroup. How does the notion of ingroup favoritism shape or influence your thinking about prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, and social biases more generally?


Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination


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Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination

The world still experiences stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination majorly based on race. There have been several instances in which people are racially segregated in social gatherings, hospitals, administrative offices among others. This paper presents an insightful discussion on racism as a current phenomenon affecting black Americans in the United States of America. Blacks are associated with animals and crime, Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt gives a detailed discussion on this topic as far as racial stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination are concerned (Madva & Brownstein, 2017). Importantly, Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt focuses solely on the racial prejudices and discrimination that exists between Black Americans and the White Americans, and how prejudices and discrimination have affected judicial decisions, police response to crimes and above all, the need for equality in opportunities for all races.

Question 1

The social motive that best explains the negative consequences of associating blacks with crime and animals in the criminal justice system as discussed in Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt

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