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Gender Discrimination Against Women: A Prevalent Problem (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Gender Discrimination Against Women


Gender Discrimination against Women
In contemporary society, discrimination towards women is a prevalent problem which negatively affects women in many spheres of life such as social advancement, domestic life, education, but mostly in employment. The primary reason for discrimination against women is the mentality that society has been raised with, which is instilled in people's minds while they were still children. Once implemented, this kind of mentality is almost impossible to change.
Currently, the women's football team performs better than the men's football team belonging to the same club, and yet, the coach of the men's team receives a higher salary than the coach of the women's team. This behavior represents a discriminatory practice from a moral and legal perspective. From a legal perspective, not only do women have the same rights as men, but they also have a right to be fairly treated, especially in instances whereby the woman manages to outperform her male associate.
Discrimination in the workplace also presents itself in the form of the persistent gender gap. According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, in 2015, women took home 83 percent of what men received. Using this guesstimate, it would entail an additional 44 workdays for women to earn what men earned in 2015. The wage gap is rampant for women possessing the most educational achievements: Women possessing graduate degrees only make 61.9 percent compared to what men with graduate degrees earn.
In 2009, the Institute for Women's Policy Research conducte

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