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Different Aspects Of Racism And Racial Discrimination (Research Paper Sample)


Please follow the MLA format strictly, write full four pages and do not leave blank left. One of the resources must be found from the New Jim Crow, written by Alexander, Michelle. The title is racial discrimination.


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Racial Discrimination
The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) defines racial discrimination as any exclusion, distinction, preference or restriction on the basis of race descent, color, ethnic origin or nationality with an express purpose of impairing or nullifying recognition, exercise or enjoyment on an equal footing of fundamental freedoms and human rights in social, political cultural or any other given field of public life. Racism in the oppressor is an issue of perceptions and cannot be shed away since it is the parameter from which individuals are identified. It a selfish act that locks other people out of the realm to enjoy their cultural, social and political rights together with economic freedom. Racism has persisted in the great lakes region for quite a period of time. A good example is the case of apartheid in South Africa and the genocide that was in Rwanda where the Hutu majority killed their Tutsi minority because of the tribe. It was also registered in Yugoslavia where ethnic cleansing happened on the basis of ethnicity, language, religion and national origin. Cases of police discrimination stood at 50%, job application at 56% and consideration for promotion at 57% (Chan, 1). This paper seeks to explain different aspects of racism and racial discrimination with specific example across the world. The paper also questions the role of the international community in combating the vice.
There are different cases of racial inequality in the place of employment, the education sector, justice system, health care sector and in the housing sector. It can also take up other forms such as sexual orientation, age, and gender (Pager & Shepherd, 182). Studies indicate that one-third of the African American and approximately 20% of the Hispanics confirmed that they had personally been opted out for a job because of their racial orientation (Pager & Shepherd, 182). Racial discrimination can be detrimental to one's health by creating anxiety, depression and other health complications if it is not well managed. A labor survey conducted in 2006 indicates that there is a heavy presence of discrimination in the modern labor market. According to studies conducted recently, there have been indications from social science that all individuals own a subconscious mind in which some of the beliefs, expectations, and attitudes they hold could be stereotypical regarding race, age, gender or other associations that an individual is attached to. It is from these biases that decisions are made on the basis of perceptions and interpretations of others (Menendian et al, 6).
Someone's ethnicity is a key yardstick of measuring an individual's identity and additionally, strong ethnic identity can aggravate the determinant effects of discrimination. This is a situation that could lead to a negative impact on an individual's health. It is advisable that individual should be wary of the factors in their immediate environment which could be related to ethnic identity. Most of the adolescents in the US have reported cases of discrimination (Yip, Gee & Takeuchi, 788). Studies have indicated an inflated rate of discrimination amongst African Americans, which stand at 60% or even more. College-going students have had it rough with the rate of discrimination duri

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