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Forensic Psychology: How Do You Define A Terrorist? (Essay Sample)


Select a question from the list below, and state your opinion and provide arguments to support your position. Statistics and other resources are optional.
Length: 1-2 paragraphs, 250-300 words
Opinion Questions
Should people who had a mental illness episode when they committed a crime be given punishment after court-mandated mental health treatments have been completed?
At what age should people be considered adults responsible for their crimes?
How do you define a terrorist?
What do you think about this statement: ‘Someone’s terrorist is another person’s hero’?
In your mind, are sexual assaults different from physical assaults?
Do you see pedophiles as worse than sex offenders against adult women?
How can victims recover from the ordeals?
How can victims forgive the offender?
Would witnessing the execution of a murderer bring closure to the victim’s family?
What is your perception of the police?
Would severe punishment on the book be a deterrent to potential criminals?


Forensic Psychology
Name of Student
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Forensic Psychology
At what age should people be considered adults responsible for their crimes?
The minimum age to enlist in the United States army is 17 years (with parental consent) and 18 (without parental consent). Moreover, 18 is the age where an individual becomes eligible to vote. This is the age where most people begin undergraduate college which also includes some element of financial responsibility. 18 years of age is a widely accepted standard for consuming alcohol, getting married, having sex or an abortion without requiring parental consent CITATION Ram09 \l 1033 (Rampell, 2009). This standard assumes that under normal circumstances, individuals at the age of 18 are considered to possess sound judgment and physical capability to carry out most actions in their lives. I agree that 18 years should also be the age where individuals should be considered responsible for their crimes a

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