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Communication Is Powerful: Specific Example (Coursework Sample)


The last claim of this class is that Communication is Powerful.
What is one specific example from your own experience of the world that demonstrates the power of communication? What is the communication component of your example? What made communication powerful in your example?
1. Did you provide an appropriate and specific example?
2. Did you clearly identify the communication aspect of your example?
3. Did you clearly articulate the connection between your example and the idea that communication is powerful?
4. Did you explicitly reference one of the readings and connect to your own example?
Please follow the four contents one by one in 4 paragraphs and give a specific self example about communication is powerful. I think one of the references about "name" is easy to write about because it shows the magic of names and gives the meta-message, which reflects that our name includes information about who we are and where we come from. names signal ethnicity, religion, socio-background. Something like that. The main point is to show why the example instructs the communication is powerful! Thanks!


Student's Name
Specific example
Communication is powerful since it provides an individual, organization, or the society with the ability of making critical decisions and solving the challenges that they are facing. One example from my personal life is when I was talking to a group of Christian mothers who were opposed to abortion even when it was meant to protect their lives following medical complications. I carefully chose my words when communicating and ensured I use emotions to have them convinced that abortion is fine for mothers who had developed pregnancy issues. In my communication, I was aware of the emotional levels before responding to their questions that they raised. I understood that besides words, we live in a world of emotions and attitudes. Prior to making an important decision or responding in contending situation, it is important that we step back and take our emotional pulses. In case we do not agree with others on a certain stand, it is critical to ask ourselves “What is the main objective of my communication? Is what I am communicating achieve my results?” From my communication skills, I was able to change their mind sets to support abortion when it was really needed.
A name matters since it influences the perception of those who have a differing opinion of some controversial issue such as abortion. As you mention a name that of a well-respected scientist supporting a certain stand, the audience will try to rethink and examine their own convictions regarding the issue. It is from this perspective that I chose to give an example of

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