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Man In The Coma Being Killed By A Business Competitor (Essay Sample)


Part 1 Questions:
What is the key point being made in the introductory story about the man in the coma being killed by a business competitor?
What value does neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Bor place on consciousness? How does Dr. Bor's feeling about consciousness affect his stance on abortion?
The author of the article, Father Tad Pacholczyk, finds fault with Dr. Bor's reasoning that informed his stance on abortion. On what point does Father Pacholczyk disagree with Dr. Bor? Hint: A primary part of this answer should be an explanation for how Father Pacholczyk understands consciousness.
In looking at the way that Dr. Bor and Father Pacholczyk disagree, do you think that their disagreement is similar to the old query, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Why or why not?
Opinion: Do you think that Father Pacholczyk debunks Dr. Bohr's reasoning, with this article? Why or why not? (4-5 sentences).
Opinion: Do you think that the issue of the morality of abortion is solved solely through the consideration of consciousness? Why or why not? (4-5 sentences).


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The key point of the introductory story of the man in the coma being is that the people should respect other's humanity regardless of their situation and should not use such loopholes to injure or harm others. However, Dr. Daniel Bor tries to forcibly elevate consciousness above life by placing it above humanity when he argues that fetus can feel pain, at least very late stages (third trimesters) of pregnancy. This has influenced Dr. Bor to support abortion.
Father Tad Pacholczyk finds fault with Dr. Bor's reasoning that informs his pro-choice stance. The author, Father Pacholczyk disagrees with the act of elevating consciousness above life. According to the author, Dr. Bor misses the deeper reality which is that human consciousness, especially self-consciousness, is an attribute of human beings and these beings are valuable in as well as of themselves.

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