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When Did “Pro-Life” Become a Bad Word? (Essay Sample)


It doesn't need to be MLA. Read 3 essay from the pictures and answer the question.


Professor’s Name:
In an extended paragraph explain the author’s objective. Use evidence from the article to support your assertion.
Lauren Enriquez: When Did “Pro-Life” Become a Bad Word?
Lauren’s objective in writing the article is to communicate the observation that while it may not be wrong to be pro-life in the abortion debate, the term pro-life is loaded with a lot of baggage which casts a dark cloud on the name. Lauren is not looking to enhance the abortion debate but to implore pro-lifers to clean their name and restore its image. The main culprit here is the mainstream media and pro-lifers need to be aware of its agenda seeing that it is pro-choice.
Baxter Holmes: The NBA’s Secret Addiction
Holmes wrote his article to showcase how a habit can become a culture. From the Celtics having PB&Js before games to other teams in the NBA adopting the habit, it is indeed clear that a simple habit can indeed grow to become a culture. Apparently, currently, almost every team has their pregame PB&Js which they believe add something to their play or completes their routine. Once adopted, it is indeed difficult to drop it as Holmes notes how Garnett previously of the Boston Celtics would be upset if he never got his PB&Js.
Katherine Goldstein
Katherine’s objective in this article is to reveal or discuss the discrimination against pregnant women a

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