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Legalization Of Abortion: Main Pros And Cons (Essay Sample)


Don't write it too good, make some grammatical mistake, the homework have an extra credit, not a part of the hw is to find a fake news, there's a list of fake news stories to analyze why it is a fake news, if you have any question please leave a message to me, I'll check it, thank you.


Abortion is currently a political debate especially its legality. Evidence in public healthcare domains allows for legal abortion. Irrespective of improvements in healthcare, the war on legal abortion continues to rise in the political system. The major controversy surrounds the pros and cons of abortion. The proponents of abortion state cases of medical emergencies when a woman's life is at risk if she delivers a baby. However, some people override the reason and cling to personal choices regarding their experiences. Hence, they find no need for caring for unplanned pregnancies (Martin 80). On the other hand, the anti-abortionists see the act as an awful crime that implies the denial of life to someone who deserves to live. Thus, the denial of life should not be a primary issue when the odd is against the child's right for life (Sharma 3). The topic is essential since it forms the basis of political controversy. Even though I had an opinion against abortion, I tend to support the move for the only emergency and to save the life of a mother. However, issues of unplanned pregnancies can be solved using family planning methods.
Abortion Context
Legalization of abortion is essential especially when it is the remaining option for the betterment. In most cases, mothers have difficult times deciding on the choice. The eventual decision to kill a soul arises due to circumstance surrounding personal choices of the mother regarding labor pains, parenting challenges and numerous responsibilities (Evans 120). Besides, some mothers undergo trauma in their lives. Hence, they object to the duties of taking care of the unplanned child. Such mothers usually have no family support and finance to enable the mother to live a healthy life that her child depends (Ladock 1).
Separately, women sometimes face medical emergencies that live abortion as the only available means to save her life. On the same note, rape

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