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The Sharing Economy Case Management Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Please use the links or files I provided to you for references only. Use simple grammar and vocabulary for the paper.
What does the term ‘sharing economy’ mean? Examine the role of technology, the business models, and the extent to which there is a social side of ‘sharing.’ Address this in relation to some specific examples, e.g. Is there anything that makes AirBnB ‘sharing’ but not EBay? Uber vs. Zip Car? What are some of the broader impacts of the ‘sharing economy’ on our lives as consumers and as workers? Does it provide flexible new income opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs, or create low-wage insecure jobs? Do you think it will foster a stronger sense of community? Does it increase the efficiency of using our fixed assets like cars and houses? Will it improve the natural environment (sustainability)? Why has it stirred up so much controversy around regulation, particularly for Uber and AirBnB? Should they be regulated like their more traditional counterparts?
Please let me know if you can't open any links above.


The Sharing Economy
The Sharing Economy
The sharing economy has become one of the most widespread economic models over the last decade. Almost every sector of the economy has some form of a sharing economy platform. Before dwelling further into the sharing economy, it is important to understand what the term means. The sharing economy is an economic model that allows parties to exchange and gain access to goods and services (Cannon & Summers, 2014). Thus, parties can share and use products without the need for ownership. Many people have access to car rides through platforms such as Uber or Lyft, although they do not have ownership of the cars. This essay will explore the role of technology in the sharing economy, as well as the extent to which there is a social side of ‘sharing’. Further, this essay will examine the impacts of the sharing economy on consumers and workers and address the regulation controversy around the sharing economy.

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