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Personal Professional Development: My Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Essay Sample)



This assignment is designed to assess how you will manage your professional development, and how you could provide leadership to others in the achievement of ongoing competence in human resources professional.

Through your academic career at Durham College, you have demonstrated knowledge of several HR professional practices and functions, you are near the completion of your field placement, and you have also been exposed to professional and personal assessment tools. These include SWOT analysis, Myers-Briggs Personal Inventory, and the HR Competency Model according to Belcourt et al.


Personal Professional Development
Personal Professional Development
My Myers Briggs Type Indicator
According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, I am an INFJ-The “Confidant”. Various studies assert that INFJs tend to contribute to the welfare of others. In this case, they are caring, reserved, and tend to focus on their values and inspirations (INFJ (Confidant) Personality Type. n.p.). Also, INFJs prefer to work individually towards their goals and are productive when working with similar group members. The character traits described are a true reflection of my feelings, attitude, and behavior concerning other people and situations. I am usually sensitive and caring about others such that I always consider the consequences of my actions or utterances, and how they will affect my relationship with the people around me. Whenever I am unable to figure out the right way of handling a situation, I find it wise to consult to avoid unfavorable outcomes. Although I like the company of others, I rarely speak about myself. Privacy is essential to me, and so is my time alone. I tend to observe things as they are, and at the time end up fantasizing beyond reality. My mind is mostly occupied with “What if” scenes and a fear of the unknown. Mostly, my family and friends think that I am a complicated person.
HRM Competency Model Analysis
A successful human resource management department plays a key role in the overall performance of an organization. However, this only occurs if the HR managers have certain competencies and skills necessary for human resource management department. Business mastery is an essential competency for human resource managers (Ashkezari & Aeen, 2012). HR managers should be able to comprehend various facts to get a wide picture of a business and respond appropriately. They should be able to develop and coordinate strategic plans related to the human resource functionality and the overall workforce. The HR manager should be able to handle issues raised by customers at various levels. Therefore, a competent HR manager should have customers as the central point of focus while developing and implementing HR strategies. Any customer-related problems should be resolved in a way that benefits both the customer and the company. Professionalism, diplomacy, and understanding of HR managers are necessary while representing the organization for better external relations and reputation (Armstrong, 2006). Personal credibility and trust should be well established while serving as an intermediary between employees and the organization. HR managers routinely interact with employees. When an HR manager is not accommodative, employees end up intimidated and unsatisfied while in the workplace. For the employees to freely express their job-related problems and concerns, an HR manager must be ready to listen and work towards a resolution as soon as it is needed.
Human resource managers should be able to build strong personal and interpersonal relationships in an organization. A competent HR manager should have skills necessary for handling organizational changes. In this cas

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