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Module 8 Discussion: How Have Your Ideas About Leadership Changed? (Essay Sample)


The reason I am continuing with my education is to move up to Director with-in the organization.  I have all the skills, but my leadership would like me to make sure that I am not held back because I have no degree.  I am currently a Program Manager with 10 direct reports and overseeing a budget of 26 million.  moving to director will be me at about 150 reports, budget of over 150 million, and 5 district offices.
Review the work you have done throughout the semester and reflect on your learning experience. Then respond to the following questions:• After taking this course, how have your ideas about leadership changed?• What sort of career are you thinking about at this point in your education and experience?• What is a key element of what you have learned here applicable to that career?• How will you develop your own plan for leadership growth?


Module 8 Discussion
Module 8 Discussion
How have your ideas about leadership changed?
Before taking this course, my ideas about leadership were quite shallow, and I have to admit that this course has helped me view leadership from a different perspective. The truth is, a significant number of people believe or even think that leadership is directly related to one's personality. I was among this number, and while I knew that some of my traits could influence the type of leader I end up becoming, I was never fully convinced or did not know to what extent my attributes could shape or impact my leadership. However, I currently comprehend and fully appreciate how my traits are influencing my leadership style and skills. However, it is not entirely simple because one has to look at themselves and their type of leadership from a third person point of view or an outsider. This helps one to view their style and to compare their leadership with the desired kind of leadership.
Secondly, I have come to comprehend the essence of upward communication. The truth is upward communication is typically difficult because people fear reprisal and taking responsibility. However, I have come to understand that leaders do indeed need the upward communication or channels of communication working flawlessly. My initial thought was that being a leader means that you are the one giving orders and directing people. However, feedback and any information from the people under you is just as crucial and may save one a lot of time and energy. My ideas of leadership have indeed been impacted and forever changed.
What sort of career are yo

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