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Qualitative Research-Philosophical Assumptions and Scholarly Writing (Essay Sample)


The Module 1 SLP assignment is to write a 3- to 4-page essay in which the following items are addressed:
1-Introduce the concept "mixed methods" and explain the purpose served by each quantitative and qualitative component.
2-Review an article that describes a research study that used a mixed methods approach. Identify the research problem and the quantitative and qualitative components of the study.
3-Identify a unique research problem (or research question). This research problem must be small in scope and appropriately addressed through mixed methods. (The topic area should be something that the student is interested in, and/or something that may be developed later as part of the dissertation research.) my topic is the financial managment in healthcare organazation
4-Describe the quantitative and qualitative components of “the student’s proposed research problem.”
This research problem (or research question) will be the basis of the overall Session Long Project "mini-study"
To complete this assignment, review one of the articles below, or select another article from a literature review:
Ahmed, S., Chowdhury, M. A. H., Khan, M. A., Huq, N. L., & Naheed, A. (2017). Access to primary health care for acute vascular events in rural low income settings: A mixed methods study. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1) doi:10.1186/s12913-017-1987-8


Introduction to Qualitative Research (1)-Philosophical Assumptions and Scholarly Writing
Institutional Affiliation:
Introduction to Qualitative Research (1)-Philosophical Assumptions and Scholarly Writing
Mixed Methods Study and the Purpose of Quantitative and Qualitative Components
The mixed methods research is an approach that researchers use to conduct their study. According to Tilahun, Hanlon, Araya, Davey, Hoekstra, and Fekadu (2017), mixed methods study comprises the collection, evaluation, and incorporating both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. The quantitative study includes experiments and surveys. On the other hand, the qualitative study comprises focus groups and interviews. Researchers use the mixed methods study when the integration of both quantitative and qualitative approaches offer a meaningful understanding of the study problem than when using either of them.
When a scholar mixes both the quantitative and qualitative study and data, he or she gets a deep understanding. He or she offset the flaws that each method contains. The most beneficial feature of carrying out a mixed methods study is the likelihood of triangulation. 

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