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Multiple Questions: Competition Among The Employees Leading (Essay Sample)


A)    All answers must be in essay format.  The essay needs to be objective with an in depth analysis of the issue.
B)    There must be one source cited to validate answer.  Information provided needs to be necessary and sufficient to discuss the issue.  All sources must be cited, per APA format.
1)     Merit Pay - Merit pay plans appear to be the most common form of compensation in the United States. Although widely used, these systems are not suitable for all kinds of jobs. Based on your knowledge of merit pay systems, identify at least three jobs for which merit pay may be inappropriate.  Be sure to provide your rationale answer.
2)     Respond to the statement “Building an internally consistent job structure is burdensome to companies.  Instead, it is best to simply define and evaluate the worth of jobs by surveying the market.”
3)     Describe some ethical dilemmas sales professionals may encounter.  How can sales compensation programs be modified to minimize ethical dilemmas?
4)     Discuss your views about whether discretionary employee benefits should be entitlement or something earned based on job performance.
5)     In what ways may legally required benefits have contributed to an employee entitlement mentality regarding discretionary benefit offerings? Explain your rationale.


Merits pay is a compensation plan that provides incentives to workers who effectively perform their jobs. It is mostly used in the United Kingdom, however, there are arguments whether the plan should be adopted by all government workers in United States. There are other jobs that merit pay may be inappropriate to apply; Teaching profession, social workers and government employees. This is because it creates unnecessary competition among the employees leading towards bias in work place.
In case of education, each school has its unique challenges. Others have a large student ratio to teachers while the reverse is true to other schools. Hence, it is inappropriate to subject teachers on a similar compensation plan. Regardless of how well a teacher does, if the student does not get the proper test score, the teacher is negatively affected (Baker, 2010).
The compensation structure of a company plays a vital part in motivating and retaining employees. While it might be of benefit to evaluate the worth of jobs internally, it takes extra effort to rank the positions within the company. The easiest way is to use the prevailing market data for similar roles. Many of the companies use market-based evaluation to create pay rates that reflect the information in the market, (Hertel, 2013). If a company tries to go below the average pay rate, the most talented individuals are going to bypass that company for better pay. If they set it too high, they take on an extra cost that could be used in the expansion of the company.
However, a company can also create a competitive internal job structure by incorporating external salary levels and job analysis. Furthermore, it is important for a company to maintain a fair balance between its internal job structure and external job structure. Nevertheless, internal job structure must be consistently altered to match what is currently prevailing in the market.
An ethical dilemma can be

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