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Discussion post. Do we pay CEO's too much? Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Please use 300-400 words to answer those questions.
1. Do we pay CEO's too much?  If not what should we pay them and if we do why do we pay them so  much?
2. On page 447 of the text the authors state,  "...not everyone wants to have their pay contingent on their performance.  There is 'self selection' with incentive plans attracting different people with different characteristics such as willingness to take risks and gender.  In fact, some economic studies suggest that some of the variance in male wage rates versus female wage rates can be attributed to this self selection regarding pay for performance."  Read the rest of this quote in the text.  What do you think of this statement?
3. What benefits do you value and why?  What are some creative and different benefits you have encountered?
4. How can we better communicate our benefits programs to employees?
(This is the discussion section of my course. The professor gave us some questions and we need to answer his questions in about 300 words. I will show you some examples written by my classmates. Please answer these four questions in your own words.


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July 7, 2018
1 I believe that while CEO’s are paid so much, the salary that they are getting are still justifiable given their contribution to the company. There are some debates that says that CEOs’ salaries should be lessened and those who do manual labors should be increased. However, I believe that if not for the general decisions that CEO’s make the company would not be as successful as it is. For one, it is because CEO’s own vision and values could affect how corporate culture is established.

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