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Pay Discrimination against Women Today (Essay Sample)


“Evaluate the evidence for discrimination against female employees in terms of pay.”
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Discrimination against Female Employees in Terms of Pay


Throughout the world history, discrimination has occurred in different forms, including racial, religious, gender, appearance or any other way that makes an individual feel different from others. Different types of discrimination happen daily, be it in public places, workplace or in sports. One of the types of discrimination that world population is battling with is pay gap observed between men and women in workplaces. Although in some instances women are equally educated and trained and have the same experience as men, they do not get equal pay. Women attend the same colleges as men, take the same, majors, pursue the same careers, but on average, they earn approximately 81% of what males get (Palumbo and Guibourg, 2018). Some scholars believe that pay discrimination against women is a long-standing issue that stems from a general belief that men are the ones who take care of their families and must get more salary than their women counterparts. Pay discrimination against women is also referred to as income gender gap or disparity of income between sexes. There has been a heated debate on this issue ever since the start of globalization.

As far as economic inequality is concerned, the gender wage gap usually refers to discrepancies between male and female wages. It is expressed as the percentage ratio of women to men's wages (Johnson 2014, p. 7). The issue of wage disparity has been surfacing almost in every country in the world. Nonetheless, in the modern era, people are more aware that both males and females have the abilities to produce the same results, can attain the same levels of education and have equal abilities to accomplish the same overall tasks (O’Reilly et al. 2010, p. 300). The common belief that women are not as valuable as men when it comes to job performance is slowly and constantly being proven wrong. Although various governments are trying to eliminate this problem, they have not been able to fully resolve it because most companies in different countries are still experiencing the issue of gender pay discrimination (Gyngell, 2018).

Studies show that there is an increased likelihood of employers to empower men with potential occupation tracks that usually lead to males having remarkable careers. Nevertheless, this is not the case for women. Moreover, companies tend to entrust females with job positions that are considered to be dead-end or have very little chances for advancement (Grey-Bowen, and McFarlane 2010, p. 65). The main reason why this is the case is a perception that women are more likely to leave their job positions at some point, particularly when they get married or during pregnancy.

Pay Discrimination against Women Today

The problem of pay inequality is common in most of the companies in Britain, whereby about eight in every ten firms pay their male employees more than females, with an average pay gap of 14%, which is higher than OECD average. A law was enacted in 2010 that required all companies with more than 250 employees across the United Kingdom to submit their reports about the wage gaps between males and females. The data of approximately 3,010 companies revealed that the median hourly rate for women was 9.7% lower than that of their male counterparts. The reports also indicated that the pay gap was far above the national median, which is 18.4%. It is worth to note that the gender pay gap differs by sector, whereby some sectors recorded bigger wage gap than others. For instance, the finance industry recorded the highest wage gap with an average woman earning approximately 35.6...

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