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Online learning experience Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Topic and Task: For many of you, this quarter has been the first time you've taken an online summer session college class. Think back on your experience with online learning (in this class and others) these last 6 weeks. What have you learned about yourself as a student? What have you learned about yourself as a writer? Did you find online learning this summer harder than you anticipated, or did you excel in this format? Was it different than your experience with online classes during the spring quarter? Thinking ahead, what could UC Davis, instructors, and even students do differently to improve the online learning experience? Audience: Your instructor is your audience. Genre: This is a formal document and should feature clear and concise body paragraphs. Although it is formal, feel free to use first person. While formal in tone, this is entirely crafted around your opinion and experience. Length: Your response should be a minimum of 500 words. Evaluation: You will be evaluated on how effectively you respond to the prompt as well as the coherency, organization, style, and mechanics of your document. 2020/7/28 Final Exam 2/2 Please note that due to university policy, you cannot pass the class if you do not take the final exam. Late final exams will not be accepted; therefore, it is imperative that you turn in the final on time! Turn in your response to Final Exam under Assignments on Canvas


Online classes Experience
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Online Learning Experience
Throughout my summer class session, I found online classes a lot more challenging to me as a student than it may seem. To some students, the idea of online classes can sound more enjoyable to them, making them commence with unrealistic visions. For sure, much if not more time and energy are required while carrying out online courses, just like the courses taken in the traditional classroom. However, my experience in online classes was very thrilling. I had to acknowledge that persistence, necessary technical skills, reading and writing skills, appropriate skills of communication, excellent study environment, and practical time management skills are the essential learning strategies to succeed while taking online courses. As a student, I am used to keeping up all my work for my classes. Nonetheless, I have faced the most noticeable changes in myself. I became less focused on my school work. Attending a physical classroom is tremendously different from taking classes online. I realized that online classes require self-discipline since temptations are real when one does not have much focus on something.
As a student, I have been personally affected by online classes since turning in my assignments on time has been a challenge. I did not have trouble, but the lack of motivation and en

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