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Assignment 4 Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


a.) Watch a video entitled “Cyber-shaming: Retribution in a Digital World.” Link is located below.
b.)Read the article by Z. Tufekci, “This Social Media Media Mob Was Good” (The Atlantic, May 28 2020). PDF is located in this section below.
Answer these Questions:
After reading the article, “This Social Media Mob was Good” and viewing the CBC documentary, "Cyber-shaming: Retribution in a Virtual World" (source:, please answer the following questions (some provided by CBC learning):
1. What is Jon Ronson's avalanche and snowflake theory?
2. What does correspondent Neil MacDonald mean when he says, "the scary thing about the that it allows human nature to do as it likes. Shamers abide by no due process. No government oversees them...what has taken form is the biggest Kangaroo court in human history - capricious, vicious, stupid, out of control and all with effective impunity."
3. Do you think the punishment of cyber-shaming outweighs the "crimes" committed by the targets of cyber-shaming? Explain your thoughts.
4. In what instances (if any) do you believe cyber-shaming is justified? Support your argument using the assigned reading, video and course materials.
You can answer the questions in first person (“I”).
Your completed assignment should be 1.5 to 2 pages in total (single-spaced). Answer each question separately in paragraph format.
Use 12 font, Times new Roman, Ariel or Calibri.


Assignment 4
1. What is Jon Ronson's avalanche and snowflake theory?
Snowflake and Jon Ronson’s avalanche and snowflake theory are theories that can be illustrated when an event that occurred in a tech conference when a person made an offensive joke to a friend and another person heard the joke, felt offended and posted it on social media with their captions. After some time, the post and the pictures went viral. Eventually, these individuals felt criticized and received death threats from different people. All this happened because an inappropriate joke was made. When an ordinary person is publicly shamed, such an individual is likely to get depressed. Social media users who have the habit of disapproving posts might not see the act as a big deal because such events get forgotten after a short while. However, Jon Ronson states that a snowflake can never feel accountable for the avalanche. More than 300 million people display their anger on different social media platforms every day because different people have different opinions (Zeynep Tufekci, 2020). Such comments can have harsh effects on the person who is being shamed. Victims of public shaming end up losing their jobs. Sometimes these individuals can have their dreams shattered, and this can cause permanent damage in their lives.

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