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7.8 Essay #4 Rough Draft Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


the instruction is included
Outside sources: To support your ideas, you will use:
1. concrete examples from the novel by directly citing key passages
2. 3 scholarly articles that offer an analysis on DeLillo’s White Noise you have found on the
library’s database—do not use book reviews—to support your analysis ( this is the 3 library's sources that you use for order #00108635)
3. as an option, you may also include additional articles that speak to pop culture either from our
textbook or from periodicals found on the library databases or in the library.
4. Do not use google to research for articles on White Noise.
5. Do not use Wikipedia, blogs, or other questionable sources not considered to be an academic


7.8 Essay #4 Rough Draft
In the postmodern novel “White Noise” DeLillo portrays a society where there is mass consumerism reliance on technology and the fear of death. In the small University City, there is a toxic cloud, of a poisonous gas and the toxic even forces the characters to question their perceptions about death. The chemical cloud is a result of human activities and the people use technology, but is unable to control the outcomes. The characters have fear of death, yet death is natural and inevitable, while artificial technologies have increased danger and risks of death. The supermarket market fills a void in the people’s life who are used to mass consumerism and bombarded by too much information from television including advertising and market. The television mediates people’s experiences in the high-technology society where there is mass consumerism and fear of death.
The supermarket is a symbol of mass consumerism in American culture, and shopping fills a void the people’s lives. The market supersedes traditions and the characters meet at the supermarket as commercial transactions and consumerism take center stage. Jack tells Murray at the supermarket that he believed that it was a place that recharges people spiritually (DeLillo 22). The market, shopping, consumption and money reflect mass consumerism in the society and Jack feels blessed having the automated teller machine (ATM) in his life. In the last chapter, the shoppers feel betrayed and confused when the shelves are rearranged (Weekes 299). This signifies that despite many fond of shopping there is confusion in their lives just like in the final scene.

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