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The Post-Industrial Revolution cities in movies and literature (Essay Sample)


Find a short story, or part of a novel, or a movie where a city in 1800s impacted by the Industrial Revolution is described or depicted. Name the novel or movie and write a synopsis of its description of the post-industrial city in approximately 500 words. Submit your essay as a word document on blackboard. Overarching and minimal requirements for your assignments can be found on syllabus.
Answer the following questions in your 500 word essay:
1. what are the physical features that are described in your selected novel/movie?
2. what are the living conditions that are described in your selected novel/movie?
3. Do you find the description close to the reality of what you have read in historic texts?
4. In what ways is the post-industrial city described your selected novel/movie different from or similar to the big cities in today's modern western world?


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Les Miserables, one of the greatest novels of the 1900s, is a novel written by Victor Hugo. This novel starts in 1815 and continues to the June rebellion of Paris in 1832. The timeline coincides with the French Industrial revolution that occurred between the 1810 to 1870. The novel features several characters in which their lives are intertwined as themes of politics, justice, religion, romance and redemption were explored. Aside from this, advancements in the Industrial revolution also mirrored the narrative.
Les Miserables begins with a prisoner named Jan Valjean. Jan Valjean, also known as prisoner 24601, has been recently released from prison. Because of his criminal record, he had difficulty landing a job. With Bishop's Myriel's mercy, Jan Valjean was able to start a new life. 

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