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Industrial revolution. Industrial Revolution including its four significant effects (Essay Sample)


Discuss the Industrial Revolution including its four major effects.
What did the Classical Economist and what did the Utopian Socialist believe that government should do about the economy .
Name at least one thinker from each school (Classical Economist & Utopian Socialist ).
Where can we criticize Marx and what should we give him credit for?


Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution including its four significant effects
The industrial revolution occurred during the late 18th to early 19th century, and it involved immense development that transformed the rural, agrarian communities in America and Europe into urban, industrialized societies. The four significant effects arising from the industrial revolution include the use of steam power for industries and transportation. The steam engine was a significant development since it improved productivity, and it was used in different sectors including ironworks, cotton mills, paper, flour, canals and distilleries. A second effect of the industrial revolution is the growth and development of transportation networks which were very primitive. It includes the construction of canals, rail tracks and roads. A third effect of the industrial revolution is improved in banking and communication.

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