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American revolution. Causes of the American Revolution. (Essay Sample)


One primary source four secondary sources.


American Revolution
American Revolution
American Revolution, alternatively known as the Revolutionary War, lasted for eight years, from the year 1775 to 1883. It came about because of tension that was growing between the colonial government that represented the British Imperial and thirteen colonies of Great Britain from North America. Problems between the British militiamen and the colonialists in April of 1775 in Lexington and Concord brought about the War of the armed forces. The rebel forces were already participating fully in the War as they desired to attain independence by the next summer. In the year 1778, France joined the American Revolution by defending the colonialists. This brought a twist and turned the first Civil War into an international battle. The Americans triumphed in the year 1783 with the help of France. The Continental Army Forces, with the help of France, made the British give up in the year 1781.[Frazer, Gregg. "The American Revolution: Not a Just War." Journal of Military Ethics 14, no. 1 (2015):]
Causes of the American Revolution
The journey to the Revolutionary War started many years before the 1775 breaking point. Many events and situations pushed the colonialists to a point where they could no longer bear the rule for British Imperialists, forcing them to fight for independence. Tension had been slowly building up, for more than a decade before 1775 when the American Revolution officially began, between the British authorities and the colonialists.

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