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HIS145 3 Politics in the French and 1848 Revolution History Essay (Essay Sample)


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History 145

Short Paper #3

Winter Quarter 2020


Please respond to the following question in a short, argumentative essay of 500-750 words.  Refer to the guidelines on short papers posted on Canvas for grading criteria.


Your paper is due in hard copy at the start of class (9:00 AM) on Tuesday, February 18.  Electronic copies will be accepted by prior arrangement only.


1.  Compare the excerpt from Lovett and Collins’ Chartism to one of three documents framing political demands during the French Revolution (“Parish grievances,” “The new Doctrine of Rights,” and “The popular programme” – these are documents no. 9, 10, and 17 respectively in the 3rd edition of the Jones textbook).  Use this comparison to make an argument about how politics changed (or didn’t change) between the time of the French Revolution and the Revolutions of 1848.


Politics in the French and 1848 Revolution
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Both the French and 1848 revolutions were defining events in world history. Not only did the revolts try to abolish feudalism and change of government from monarchies to republics, but they also sought to form constitutions based on the principle of equality and freedom. However, unlike the 1848 revolution, the French revolution had far-reaching effects than any other revolution in the world. In contrast, the 1848 revolution ended in failure and repression, as well as widespread disillusionment among liberals. This essay uses the excerpt by Lovett and Collins “Chartism” and the “Parish Grievances” to present an argument on how the politics changed between the time of the French and Revolutions of 1848.
The ten-year French revolution took place between the years 1789 and 1799. It was fueled by the constant bankruptcy in the country, poor harvest, livestock disease, drought, and high prices of consumer products that led many people to express their desperation on a regime that taxed them heavily but failed to solve their problems (Lovett & Collins, 1969). During this period, the people razed and reshaped the country's political landscape, altered the country's institutions such as monarchy and feudal system. 

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