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Extra Credit Essay. Coronavirus: The new normal (Essay Sample)


The global health crisis known as COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted all our lives. “Social distancing,” “self-quarantine,” “shelter in,” are a few of the terms that have become household names. The severity of the impact this crisis continues to have on a global scale is alarming. From health care systems and economies, to educational and social disruptions, COVID-19 has crippled nations, cities and communities.
There are historical, economic, social, political, and cultural factors that have helped and hurt the response to this global emergency. Social norms, hidden assumptions, collective societal behaviors influence peoples’ response to such an emergency.
The widespread economic and social disruption created by aggressive social distancing has created new social norms. What have you observed about these new trends?Most importantly, what have you discovered about yourself in light of this crisis?
(I live in Manhattan, Newyork. I get most of the information from the internet, because i dont go outside a lot. )


Coronavirus: The new normal
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Coronavirus: The new normal
The novel coronavirus (COVID 19) has impacted the world in a significant way. The number of infections and deaths across the globe continues to increase thanks to this pandemic. When the first case was reported in China, many people never imagined that the virus would soon cut across the border and access them in their countries. The reality today is that the coronavirus has made its way into many nations across the world. Leaders across the globe are trying their best to cope with the disease before it sweeps out a significant percentage of the population. Various new trends, such as social distancing have been introduced to help curb the spread of the disease. 

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