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Diversity Self-Portrait (Essay Sample)


You are to write a reflection paper focused on yourself using the following questions as a guide:        
Identify my dimensions of diversity (i.e., ethnicity, gender, SES, religion, sexual orientation, ability).  How have they influenced who I am as a person? What role does privilege/White privilege and oppression have in my life?
How does my diversity influence my relationships with others?
How will my diversity help me in working with culturally diverse clients?  How might it hinder me?
What steps will I take to become a social justice advocate and culturally competent counselor?
You should engage in self-reflection that can include speaking with friends and family to answer these questions thoroughly.  Use personal examples from your life to create this narrative.


The concept of diversity refers to being respective and acknowledging that people have different personalities and differences with others. Diversity goes in line with the race where one belongs; ethnic group of a person, the status of the person i.e. rich or poor among other dimensions. One is considered diversified when he or she accepts others regardless of their dimensions. It’s putting away the ideological differences. My dimensions of diversity range from the race I come from, my religion, social beliefs, my economic status in the society and gender.
My personality has been greatly influenced by my diversity, which has contributed to who I am today. For instance, being born on a Christian family; this has influenced on my beliefs in religion. However, my belief does not make me disrespect other peoples' religions. I still hold that other religion exists and this makes me able to respect and associate with my other friends from other religions. Born in a Christian family, has also influenced on my values and traits that I have learnt from the teachings that I have received.
Additionally, social status in the society that has made me understood the difference in people in the society in terms of economic status. This has made me respectful to others as I understand that we cannot all be equal in a society. My morals have been built by the values that I have learnt and the norms also have contributed to the person I am.
What role does privilege/White privilege and oppression have in my life?
I don’t think that it’s a privilege that I am a white. Nothing comes in my favors because am a white. I think we are all equal and we also have equal chances in life regardless of being white or a black. There is no role that this kind of privilege plays in my life; being a white does not differentiate me from the black.
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