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College Degree (Essay Sample)

- An introductory paragraph sharing what the essay is about; - Your reasons for seeking a college degree; - Your learning style, with examples to support your ideas; Your Grand Type (Goal Oriented Thinker-A Team Strategist) and the traits as described by the GEMS essay and whether you agree or disagree with the designation (with examples); and - A strong concluding paragraph that describes how your personal goals align with your learning style and the possible career guidance provided by the GEMS survey. Client added: Characteristics: high achieved, take charge, motivated, independent, high standards, highly motivated. Goals: better my life, make more money, helping others, source..
Running head: Gems Essay
College Degree
College Degree
College degree is one of the best things that a person can have and that is the reason why I would like to have a college degree. I would like have a degree in medicine. The GEM survey revealed that I am a goal oriented thinker and a team strategist which is true.
Reasons for seeking a college degree
One of the reasons why I am seeking a college degree is to make more money; college degree ensures more income. I will also be able to gain knowledge of critical thinking and reasoning skills which will enable me lead a more examined life. The other reason is that college degree will provide me increased opportunities in the future such as increased chances of promotion and more job opening. A college degree will empower me on many kinds of ways and hence I will be more in control of my life. This is because I will be well educated about the things that affect my life and I will have better knowledge of my surrounding. With a college degree I will always be marketable; college degree offers several opportunities which increases the more one works in a certain field of specialization. A college degree will enable me to be an agent of change for others. This is because college degree enables one to become a professional that has an impact on people live and their surrounding. Hence changing people lives for the better. College degree also gives one a sense of pride because not everyone receives a college degree and it boosts once self esteem.

Learning styles
I took the Gilbert preference survey on the Gilbert Education management Systems (GEMS) website. I received a report after taking the survey which indicated that my Grand Type was a goal oriented thinker and a team strategist. I was amazed at how precisely it described my work traits. I am a high achiever and usually set high standards. I have a very good academic background; I highly passed my last terms examination and was among the best student. I am a very eager student who is constantly willing to ask questions if I do not understand a topic. I always endeavor to stand out in the crowd by providing an excellent work in anything that I pursue. My qualifications are a testimony that I am a very hardworking, studious and motivated individual. I am confident that this attributes will enable me gain maximum benefit and greater knowledge of medical degree course. I have also held leadership positions in the some of the organization and the clubs that I have joined which demonstrate my ability to take charge.
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