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Analyze the Handling of Strategic Issues in an Organization (Essay Sample)

Answer each question as it applies to your organization, or interview someone about their organization. 1. Do the project managers of your organization understand the concept of strategic issues? How do they manifest this understanding in managing projects? 2. Do any formal methods exist in your organization for strategic issue management? What are they? How are they used? 3. Do the project managers of your organization attempt to identify project interfaces that can seriously impact the outcome of a project? Explain. 4. Does top management use any postproject appraisals to help uncover strategic issue-related problems? Does management see the value in postproject appraisals? 5. Does the management of your organization recognize the importance of understanding public perception? In what ways do project managers control public perception? 6. Are there any outside advocates that can be or are effective in altering public opinion in favor of your organization's projects? 7. Do project managers assess the environmental impacts of projects? In what ways? 8. Could the phase approach to managing strategic issues be used effectively in your organization? How? 9. Are current project managers kept informed of the factors likely to impact project success or failure? 10. Does management seek to identify the relevant issues for each project stakeholder? 11. Does management identify the strategic relevance of each issue and determine the actionability, criticality, and urgency? In what ways is this done? What other methods could be used? 12. Are project team members made aware of strategic issues? How? Do they then attempt to monitor these issues as they relate to their own work packages Write a paper that includes this information: The name of the organization and pertinent background information about it. Your results from Steps 2-4. Any additional conclusions you can draw from your answers. Please use APA style the 6th edition. Thank You. source..

Handling of strategic issues in an organization.
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McDonald`s is a fast food restaurant that serves mainly hamburgers with over sixty eight million customers worldwide. It began in 1940 as a barbeque restaurant and in 1955 it grew to become a franchise company after a businessman invested in it.
Project managers understand the concept of strategic issues whereby they define and explain the project strategy and its importance , explain and describe the strategy formulation and implementation. The project managers offer strategic decisions and leadership. They perform environmental and strategy evaluation.They apply all these concepts mainly to properly manage and control the resources handed to them by employing companies. They can easily break down a major project into simple departments to properly coordinate the entire project without mismanagement (Amason 2010).. Formal methods exist in the organization for strategic issue management. They use the SWOT analysis which is a methodology of examining potential strategies got from organizational strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats (Amason 2010).
Project managers identify interfaces that highly affects the end result of the project. The interface provides a detailed understanding both internally and externally of the entire project. It provides information on the structure and relationship between teams undertaking the project. Post project appraisal are aspects of a project that determines whether the set objectives have been met by the project managers. The top management team uses the appraisals of the post project in order to unravel strategic issues and problems. This assists the management team to make future oriented objectives that will determine the company's next project. The organization man...
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