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US Bankruptcy Code Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please be certain the two attached assignments contain APA-compliant citations in the body of the papers in addition to your reference page. Each assignment must have a minimum of 2 pages.


US Bankruptcy Code
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US Bankruptcy Code
First Assignment
The section of the United States bankruptcy code that addresses employment discrimination relative to an employee or job applicant’s bankruptcy history is section 525. Regarding employment discrimination basing upon a person’s bankruptcy filing history, Section 525(b) of the United States Bankruptcy Code spells out that private employers may not discriminate with respect to employment against, or fire, a person who has been or is a debtor under this title, a bankrupt or debtor as per the Bankruptcy Code, or a person who is linked to such debtor or bankrupt (Bird, 2017). Also, the Section has prohibited government employers from discriminating against a person that has filed for bankruptcy, from sacking that individual, or from declining to employ such an individual (Bird, 2017). As such, Section 525 is applicable to both government and private employers. In addition, it states that there are three ways through which an individual could qualify for protection of the section. Firstly, the individual has not paid his/her dischargeable debt. Secondly, the individual was bankrupt either while the petition was pending or prior to filing for bankruptcy. Thirdly, the individual has gone through or is currently going through a bankruptcy proceeding (Bird, 2017).

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