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ENGL 1100. Safe Injection Sites. Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


This paper has to be 1200 words with 7 sources including two peer reviewed articles, one news source accessed through a research database, and one news sources accessed through the open web. The topic is Safe Injection sites (such as insite in vancouver). There must be thesis statement and 3 topic sentences. I have written about 350 words so far, which I will send via email so that you can see how I write! Thank you!!


ENGL 1100
July 20, 2018
Safe Injection Sites
Supervised injection sites, or the legal medical facilities in which drug users visit to get their fix safely, are facing controversy like never before. From British Columbia to Ontario, supervised injection sites in Canada have been making headlines due to the controversial nature of their purpose - to reduce harm related to illicit drug use by allowing users to inject while under supervision. The opioid crisis is affecting every part of Canada and appears to be progressing for the worst as the opioid-related death toll reached 3,987 in 2017, compared to 2,861 deaths in 2016 (Government of Canada). While safe injection sites receive an abundance of support, they also face a large amount of scrutiny, with some government officials claiming that injection of any sort is unsafe and a choice made by the consumer, one that the government holds no responsibility to protect or supervise (The Globe and Mail, 2018). 

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