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Book Review of Columbine by Dave Cullen. Literature & Language (Book Review Sample)


written assignment in this course is a review of the book Columbine by Dave Cullen. Your assignment is to present a review of the book that briefly introduces the book and provides a critique of the material presented as it relates to the course themes. In particular, you should consider whether the book presents an offender or event centred perspective on the crime. Book reviews should be between 5-6 double spaced pages and should reflect a critical reflection on the book that integrates the course themes and material. The goal is to take what you’ve learned in the course and to bring greater depth of understanding to the case presented. A mere summary of the book is not sufficient.


Book Review of Columbine by Dave Cullen
Book Review of Columbine by Dave Cullen
The recent and past mass shootings and attacks in schools reveal a worrying trend of misconceptions over their causes or the factors leading and influencing the occurrence of such attacks. The parents, media, administrators, government authorities, and the victims often try to make sense out of the events and thus developing diverse perspectives that are often misleading and far from the truth. The reactionary remarks and perspectives created are often misleading and perhaps accounting for the lack of an effective intervention for increasing the safety of the learning institutions. Journalist’s Dave Cullen’s Columbine takes a different approach in portraying the events as they unfolded during the 1999 school massacre at Columbine High School. He delivers an articulate, informative, and comprehensive account of the tragic event based on decade-long research on the various aspects and parties involved. Columbine offers an excellent platform upon which the society and all the outlined stakeholders can form an understanding of the misconceptions associated with school massacres. The critical analysis of all the involved parties in the event further emphasizes on the need for collective responsibility for all the stakeholders in dealing with such unfortunate events and seeking truth based on facts. The basis for addressing the issue of school massacres builds around the factual understanding of the attacks through which effective prevention measures can be implemented.

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