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Stages of Development (Essay Sample)

Select one of the stages of development, (listed as Parts I - VIII in the Table of Contents), and present your understanding of the nature-nurture controversy and the evidence that heredity interacts with the environment to determine intelligence, personality, and physical characteristics. Stages of development: 1. Beginnings 2. Theories of Development 3. Heredity and enviroment 4. Prenatal Development and Birth 5. The First Two Years: Biosocial Development source..

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(March 25, 2012)
Stages of development
Several aspects of a human being characteristic, such as eye color, as well as, height, were mainly genetically established. Psychology researchers became interested in the dimension that was relatively lower determined by genetic traits thus representing more to environmental influences. This involved how people feels, think as well as acts on changes. Depending on the degree of genetic determination appearance and variation from one dimension to the other, it helped to established how a certain person could determine the relative influence of the environment as well as heredity for several human characteristics, as well as how a person could understand the complex relationship between the other.
This could be well expressed in a scenario where a certain man had two biological daughters who had the same biological mother. Both were well mannered, musically inclined as well as tall. Despite all of those similarities, the older child appeared socially reserved as well as quiet, but, on the other hand, the smaller one, who was born in the same family as well as environment, appeared to be highly outgoing.
There was also another distinctive characteristic, as the other child experienced learning disabilities while others had a well functioning cognitively. The above elaboration helps to analyze the theory on how heredity, as well as environment, contributed to above observed outcomes, as well as how several issues interact with one another to create a certain outcome.
On the other alternative, nature is the heredity: the genotypes, which comprises of data encoded in DNA form, a person undergoes through from the time of birth to the time of death. Heredity therefore varied from genetic predisposition, which was specific, to each individual and as a result, potentially elab...
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