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Justice Systems (Essay Sample)

I will need a draft first, bu friday. The utility of minorities and of immigrants is often framed exclusively in terms of the economic skills they provide, leaving the room for the development of racism and xenophobia. Geniune integration involves more than just the economic contributions of minorities and migrants and their knowledge of the host nation's language and culture. The integration of minorities and of immigrant new communities must also be judged on basis of outcomes involving:measures of their housing education and health(as well as employment)in comparison to the dominant or host community; their social connections with members of the religious, ethic, national or cultural communities with which they identify and with other communities in the host nation as well as with the state's functions and services;and the security and stability necessary for confident engagement in the host society in line with shared ideas of nationhood and citizenship. Please address this understanding of minority and immigrant integration in western post industrial societies using the concepts,analysis and data provided in the all of the following assigned course material. Be sure to consider the implications of the importance of minority integration for the operation of justice agencies. please use this sources pamela jackson's :minority group threat, crime and policing Dr wilson's : the truly disadvantaged beckett and sasson's : the politics of injustice The economist:special report migration january 5 2008 pg 1-16 I will also attach some articles that will be used. I need a draft by 3-19-11. source..
Topic: Justice Systems
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In recent times, experts of criminology in Europe and the US have tirelessly worked to define matters of race, immigration, as well as ethnicity in view of crime and therefore are faced with examining the detention of refugees. Nonetheless, this is a social challenge that calls for deep concerns on policies and practices that violate protection of asylum seekers (Margot et al, 2009).
In the contemporary world, criminologists are busy working to establish the significance of crime, social control in regard to culture, punishment, and therefore extending the examining mechanisms that criminal justice machineries are understood. Impacts on community relations in regards to law enforcement programs are the ultimate success of National Fugitive Operations Program. This in return is vital to social integration (Wilson, 1987). The word social integration has received acclaim and use in reference to integration as the concept of society. There is individual and group respect to approach integration since certain perspective groups or individuals exhibit particular levels of integration within the society (Jackson, 2009).
Foremost, there is the incidence of it in the society that also identifies two separate characteristics as the frequency and intensity categories. The frequency class relates to the number of ties within their surroundings that a group or an individual might maintain as well as the number of contacts with others (Margot et al, 2009).On the other side, intensity relates to the nature of relationships and therefore identifies feelings of familiarity and belonging within the contacts. However, research provides that frequency does not importantly coexist with intensity (Wilson, 1987).
Fear of crime is extensively evident in the manner in which societies integrate. The culture measures work to reexamine tough strategies that reveal erroneous belief in labeling that is detrimental to integration (Welch, 2005). On the other side, this has necessitated creased funding for immigration enforcement in National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP) (Margot et al, 2009). The work of this organization is vital since it is committed to identifying refugees with criminal records across member states in order to instill justice in the integrated society. In most member states, the organization deploys Fugitive Operations Team (FOTs) that realizes arrests of fugitives. At the beginning of 1990s, matters regarding migration of nationals from developing countries to Member States of the European Union became significant and therefore needed extra concern. The earlier Treaty signed in Amsterdam had shifted affairs of asylum, entry, external border controls and the protection of rights of third country citizens from intergovernmental cooperation to Community policy-making (Jackson, 2009).
In accordance with these observations,...
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