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Humanities: Compare and contrast the rococo and Neo-Classical styles (Essay Sample)

Compare and contrast the rococo and Neo-Classical styles in the visual arts, illustrating your answer with reference to specific works of art. source..
HUMANITIES Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (13 June, 2011) Humanities Visual Art is a form of work that is created primarily to assume a visual nature, they includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, design, crafts, ceramics and modern visual arts such as films and architecture. This paper tackles the issue on the similarities and difference between two major ancient forms of visual arts they include rococo and Neo-Classical styles. The similarities between Rococo and Neo-Classical styles are numerous. Similarity of these is that they are used as a form of expressing ones feeling. In that the artists will use these styles in expressing their deep feelings example expressing their views on politics, romance, and sociology amongst others (Ackerman, 1976a). They are also used as a form of communication and entertainment between the artists and their viewers; thus in the real case, artists will present imaginary images that will be attractive to the viewers of these forms of art. This ensure...
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