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Happiness is in Purpose of Creation (Essay Sample)

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Happiness is in Purpose of Creation.
My happiness is to reach the goal for which I was destined by my creator. This achievement and moment will be in line with God and will be pleasing Him also. However there have been incidences of that I have engaged thoughts with friends and other associates on the view to examine what the word happiness is. And altogether at certain intervals I realized that it is a puzzle which eludes many to find.
I am convincingly addressing people who seek the happiness in many ways places and things.  The toil to find the secrets of happiness from seminars, meditation, films and or hair raising books that are regarded as best selling provide no answer.  I would that they realize this early like I did. These lots of places that are evidently visited by them were also my sites of search. I agree with Rachels thought and argument that ethics is solely intelligible by being teleological. This is when it credits accounts inclusive of the purpose for which human life was created for. I dispute and urge all that happiness commences by believing God who has control over life. However, each and everyone have a free will of what to do and develop by making choices and path of life to undertake. Many times in my previous years I was overshadowed with illusion in pursuit of happiness. I call it illusion because of the erroneous reasons of representation and influences it invoked in me.
I was enticed to believe in thoughts and got carried away by whatever it is proposing. Ultimately, I could find myself treading a path that brought disappointment. However, once I overcame my illusions, I became a person with true happiness out of knowing the purpose of God in creating man. The images bombarding those in illusion every day led me easily to assume that happiness can be achieved by having a good car or nice clothes and the like. It easily took me to the trap of thinking that once I could find the right person marriage I would be.  All these inaudible and counterfeit images indicated that happiness is something to be found outside of myself.
I also agree with another argument by Rach...
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