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Cell Transport (Essay Sample)

This will most likely be your most difficult discussion however, it does get you to think about diffusion and osmosis. You are camping in the woods with a group of children (9-10 year olds). The night is warm and damp with the moon full and bright. The blowing wind gently rustles the trees and creates eerie noises in the distance. The children quickly turn their heads to see through the night when the noises are made by the wind. The children are primed to be scared and you find yourself with the perfect opportunity to tell a hair-raising story. Your story will be on the topic of diffusion and osmosis. How can you tell a scary story that teaches the principles of diffusion, osmosis, hypertonic solutions, and hypotonic solutions? It can be done! Use your imagination to come up with a short scary story with these processes in mind. Remember that you are telling the story to children so it should not contain anything offensive in it. You do not have to tell about all processes of cell transport but at least some of them. source..
Cell Transport
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Long time ago there was a witch, that killed people and caused a lot of damage in the town. The sheriff after becoming tired of the complaints decided to give $100,000 to whoever was able to help him destroy the witch. Samuel a young boy decided that he was going to try and kill the witch. After so many failed attempts he was about to give up until one very windy night as he looked at the window an idea struck him.
He went to the witch’s house and he stood outside the window with a container of salt which he knew was the witch’s greatest weakness, he then opened the window slowly put the salt at the window next to where the witch was and as he opened the window and the wind blew the salt and caught the witch’s skin who woke up screaming because it was burning her. As the salt caught her skin and it entered her body through the skin’s pores she started to swell and grow bigger and the witch frantically started looking for whoever had done this to her as she screamed in pain with no time to save herself.
Samuel continued to sprinkle salt at her and it was then that she saw him. She looked at him and said that since it was a child that destroyed her she won’t rest until she avenged her death and just as the boy had sneaked upon her on a windy night so shall she do the same to all the child...
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