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The Issue Of Asian Americans In Modern Era And New York Times (Essay Sample)


Analysis paper: 20% A three-four (3-4) page typed, reflection on a pertinent contemporary issue that has appeared in the NY Times. Bring some historical perspective to this contemporary issue in the Asian world.


The Issue of Asian Americans in modern era and New York Times
In our modern world, the separations of race and culture are slowly homogenizing into a global culture as we have entered an era where we are realizing that we are one humanity. The presence of Asian-American in the West is one concrete example of how migrants and non-white Americans have lived and endured living in America. There achievements and their struggles are what define them as a people. In this paper we look to the facts and the information mentioned in the article by NY-Times entitled “The Asian Advantage” and “Asian-Americans and Stereotypes. These two works will be the source of the pertinent contemporary issue of Asian Americans.
One of the common themes in both of the articles is the idea of the racial inequity and challenges that the Asian-Americans endured. The articles presented that many people are unaware of the privilege white people enjoy and the additional obstacles that Asian-American have to go through in the US. This can be seen as a reflection of racism that happens in the collective consciousness of Americans. Not to mention, the two articles were written by Asian-Americans which gives them the first-hand perspectives of what Asian-Americans experience in their day to day lives in America. They know that are is so much more to just being Asian-American as they know the history of their predecessors and the reason they wanted to leave their countries in search for a better life, and what they had to go through in order to live in America.
As much as the commonality of the topic of the Asian-Americans, the two articles present two contrasting Ideas that gives a reader a wider perspective and concept of the pertinent contemporary issue of Asian Americans. The two contrasting stand of the two articles are the perfect counterpart of each other to define what Asian-Americans experience. In the first article, “The Asian Advantage”, it mainly talks about the higher achievements and the seemingly “Advantageous” perks of being an Asian-American. They present these by citing statistics and observations of Asian-American performance in academics, politics, and social achievements. It also cites a book entitled The Asian American Achievement Paradox, which talks about how Asian-American immigrants in recent decades have the advantage of being more highly educated that the average American. The percentage of Asian-Americans show a significant presence of their numbers in different professional fields like medicine, law, and the sciences. On another hand, the second article entitled “Asian Americans and Stereotypes” present the idea of how these Asian-Americans are pressured to perform up to the stereotypes of Asians being smart and how the stereotypes are affecting the growing population of Asian-Americans. The two notions from the two articles give the stage for analyzing the life of Asian Americans in America.
Upon the contrast of their ideas, the issue of Asian Americans is shown to be present in the additional challenges of what their people has to go through in their lives as they live in the US. Both articles state the notion that indeed, Asian Americans has a high capacity to achieve higher in Academics and in their respective fields as compared to the Average Joe. This high achievement can probably traced to the history of the Asians who became the first Asian- Americans. The energy driving the immigration of these Asians come from their search for a better lifestyle and their pursuit of better opportunities to support their families financially and securely. This translates into a culture, as a collective interacts as a whole community, striving to be successful with common challenges and obstacles to face.
Despite the challenges, Asia...

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