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Describe America politically, socially, and economically on the eve of the 20th Century.

The late nineteenth-century brought about many changes politically, economically and socially in America. Goldfield, et. al. (2010) states a weakened presidency and inefficient Congress hampered the government's ability to resolve many issues. Now, write a 2 - 4 page paper (using APA format) on the following topic: Why is the election of 1896 considered a watershed in American politics? NOte: I am not allowed to copy and paste information. This paper will be checked for originality.
Running Head: AMERICA POLITICALLY, SOCIALLY, AND ECONOMICALLY Why the election of 1896 is considered a watershed in the American politics? Name University Course Instructor Date Why the election of 1896 is considered a watershed in the American politics? Despite the fact that the various political parties could have not been highly regarded by several individuals, several observers of the political events are in agreement that the various political parties are very significant to the representative government due to the fact that they provide meaning to the choices that are made by the citizens between the different competing candidates during elections. The alternation of influence and power between the two different major parties is reported to have been one of the most significant elements of the American politics during elections of the year 1896. The party competition was simply the battle between the Republicans and the Democrats for the control of the various public offices (Quincy, 1896). The presidential election of the year 1896 was a demonstration of a sharp division within the society between the rural and urban interests. William Jennings Bryan who was a democrat had the ability of forming a coalition that actually answered the call of the progressive groups as well as the rural interests that included the indebted farmers and those who argued against the gold standard. Nonetheless, the victory of William McKinley’s was very sig...
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