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Whose story is History? (Essay Sample)

1.Research a nation that was occupied by a colonial power,such as the spanish occupation of mexico in THE PEARL. THE PEARL- story we read in the class. 2. dicuss in an essay of 800 words the changes to society,technology and economy that occupied nation expercience being colonzied. 3. we can write about any African country,Palastine, India but not Spanish occupation on Maxico. easy words .. source..

Whose story is History?
It is well versed that most countries in Africa expect Ethiopia and Liberia were colonized or were under a certain colonization powers like the British the European among others. The colonization had some merits and demerits of their own and this paper tend to look at how colonization brought change in most African societies, the technology as well the economy of the nations that experienced colonization (Hoskins, 19671930).
It is during the early 1970s that Africa faced the European aggression, military incursion and lately the conquest and colonization. In this period, the African countries did not accept the colonization with one heart and as result they resisted and tried to defend their countries against the attempt of been colonized and fight back to impose the western domination. The Europeans had many reasons as to why they were fighting hard colonize Africa and among the reasons were political, social as well as economic factors. This is believed to have resulted after the crumple of the slave trade.
The extinction of slave trade was not the start of scramble and partition for Africa as the root course was the expansion of the European capitalist industrial revolution. By these expansions, there was a good market in industrialization and demand for raw materials increased and these resulted in European countries search a guaranteed markets and profitable investment outlets and these become the genesis scramble and partition of Africa.
According to (Lester, 1996), colonization in Africa has some impacts from economy, socially, technology as well the changes in society as people tried to adapt the western way of living. Though most countries fight back not to be colonized, some societies gained from it as people were employed by the Europeans as it created industrial jobs but this end up been mischief since Europeans created borders of African nations and by doing this many ethnic groups with different genres were kept in a same place resulting to civil wars in which brought shame to Africa since people fault not knowing they should build their own countries (Grenouilleau, 2004).
It`s over three decades after most of African countries got independence and there is no agreement on the beques...
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