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Week 2 Writing Assignment: Divisions of the Telencephalon (Essay Sample)


Answer Question: Describe the divisions of the telencephalon. What primary functions are associated with these divisions? What does it mean when we say that a function is lateralized?
Sources: Books or Peer-Reviewed Articles


Divisions of the Telencephalon
Divisions of the Telencephalon
The brain is divided into three parts, namely the forebrain, midbrain and the hindbrain. Telencephalon is the anterior part of the forebrain and contains the left and the right cerebral hemispheres(Freberg, 2009). The main divisions of the telencephalon are the cerebral cortex, which is made up of gray matter, the hippocampus, the amygdala, the olfactory bulb and the basal ganglia.
Primary functions of each division
Each division of the telencephalon has a number of functions as listed below.
Cerebral Cortex
This is the outer covering of the cerebral hemispheres that has a wrinkled appearance which provides enough surface area for cortical cells(Freberg, 2009). The cortex is responsible for processing information from the sensory cortex, controlling voluntary movements and connecting the sensory cortex with the motor cortex. The cerebral cortex is divided into four lobes namely:
Frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is located in the frontal part of the skull. It is responsible for reasoning and problem-solving. In addition, it is associated with parts of the speech and voluntary movement.
Parietal lobe.The parietal lobe is located in the upper part of the skull. The primary function of the parietal lobe is movement, perception of stimuli such as touch and recognition.
Occipital lobe.The occipital lobe is located on the back of the skull and it is responsible for receiving and processing visual information.
Temporal lobe. The temporal lobe is located below the parietal lobe and it is responsible forreceiving and processing sound information. Other functions include formation of memories and sensory input.
The Hippocampus
This division of the telencephalon is responsible for sending memories to the part of cerebral hemisphere responsible for long-term storage and forms a part of the limbic system.It plays a major role in memory and cognitionand through it individuals are able to create new memories. It is also responsible for retrieving the memories when required(Bartsch, 2012).If the hippocampus is damaged, an individual is not able to form new memories or retrieve existing ones. It is found within the temporal lobes and is connected with the amygdala.
The Amygdala
The amygdala is found within the temporal lobes and comprises of nuclei that are connected wi

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