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Moment Assignment: Slaughter-House Five Book Review (Book Review Sample)


For your writing assignment for Slaughterhouse-Five, you will write your own Tralfamadorian literature - a series of moments:
“There isn't any particular relationship between all the messages, except that [you have] chosen them carefully, so that, when seen all at once, they produce an image of [your understanding of the book] that is beautiful and surprising and deep.”
In short, you will write five paragraphs about things that happen in the book. They should have some relationship, but you do not need to write a full, cohesive essay that explains them.
For each moment, you need to summarize, include a significant quote, and explain, interpret, or analyze the moment's significance.


Slaughter-House Five
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Moment 1
A discussion about the bombing of Dresden occurs in a hospital room which is shared by Billy and a history professor. The professor argues out that the "bombing was justified" regardless of the fact there was a great loss of human life and property (Vonnegut, 2013). Billy is very terrified by the acts of war that he went through and therefore is not in agreement with the professor regardless of the fact that he doesn't say it. As a result, this tries to convince him that some of the actions that can be taken during a war can be worth it because they would probably prevent a major war that could turn out to be unstoppable. Therefore, the property lost and the individuals who lose their lives in the middle of such actions act as a sacrifice to the community because they help in stopping a large disaster. This shows the irony that Billy sees in the professor's argument because that could always not be a solution to such cases, but the involved parties should brainstorm different ideas and come up with a long-lasting solution that does not involve the loss of human life and property. Pilgrim still feels that such bombing could not have been done in order to spare human life and prevent property loss. It is among the reasons as to why his memory is disturbed because he can't erase what he saw.
Moment 2
Pilgrim survives in an underground zoo in an alien land. He is put on display and believes that he has stayed there long enough to experience the issue of time travel. This kept on bringing him memories of the past. Billy survives the bombing in Dresden by hiding in an airtight meat pack. Pilgrim is "unstuck in time" (Vonnegut, 2013). This shows how Billy's mind is filled with thoughts since the event could be a symbol of the trauma that soldiers went through once they are done with the brutality of war. Given t

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