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Slaughterhouse Five With The Theme There Will Always Be War (Book Report Sample)


we are required to write an essay about the book "Slaughterhouse-Five" written by Kurt Vonnegut, with the theme, there will always be war. The essay needs some quotation from the book to support my theme. The essay needs to be cohesive which means each first sentence should relate to the theme and previous paragraph.


Slaughter-House Five Theme of War
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The events of the slaughterhouse are mainly based on the life experiences of Vonnegut during an era of war. The books speak of Vonnegut as a prisoner-of-war. Therefore, given this fact and the events that take place then, there will always be war.
Vonnegut survived the bombing because he was in an underground slaughterhouse and he felt the impacts of the war throughout his life. As a result, this means that there will always be war because such memories not only disturb the peace in a person life but also make them insensitive to others. Therefore, their life becomes one that is surrounded by thoughts of war when it comes to the solving of issues instead of looking for other solutions. This means that there will always be a war among generations (Wicks, 2014).
Also, the events of the novel are narrated in a time-jumping manner hence bringing out the fact that time is not linear as regarded by human beings. The writer narrates events of the past, future and the present hence proofing that whatever happens cannot be judged according to the present. It can be something that is happening in the future and therefore, in the case of war, it means that it will always be there. The aliens say that they operate in "four moments" and that such moments were happening at the same time (Vonnegut, 20

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